Lifestyle Coaching

Lifestyle Coaching

PESSCE Unlimited offers coaching to promote lifestyle changes using the PESSCE Lifestyle Wholeness Model™. Coaching services focus on: Self-Assessment, Self-Controlled Decision Making, and Transformative Lifestyle Changes.

Different people have different needs and some journeys just need a quick start while others require more depth and support. With these different needs in mind, PESSCE Unlimited has created four different coaching packages to assist you in your journey of transformation. Descriptions for each package can be found at PESSCE Lifestyle Coaching and our fees for these services can be found in the PESSCE Online Store. Purchase your Personal Coaching Package at the PESSCE Online Store today!

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PESSCE Unlimited offers PESSCE™ Lifestyle Coaching and ReNEWal Events for Women with three goals:

  1. Help women find their inner spiritual strength to make self-controlled life choices resulting in lifestyle wholeness in the six PESSCE Life-Stream areas
  2. Deliver a model and approach for establishing a strong community of healthy relationships among diverse women
  3. Introduce to a broader group of women, reflective renewal opportunities for continuous spiritual growth

Core Values:

Spiritual Growth and Emotional Healing

Community Impact

Personal and Professional Development


Diversity & Inclusion




PESSCE Lifestyle Wholeness
Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Social, Career, Economic 

PESSCE Wholeness Lifestyle Coaching is a Christian-based coaching practice, offering services to any woman seeking to achieve PESSCE Wholeness in her life.™ (peace) is derived from the first letter of the six Life-Streams™ common to all: Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Social, Career, Economic