Rowing into a Life of Impact

Grace Rett has truly impacted me!!

I want my lifestyle of PESSCE Wholeness to have impact like Grace Rett has impacted me. A couple of weeks ago while flipping through the channels, I stopped to watch a story on the local afternoon news that really caught my attention about Grace Rett, a student at College of the Holy Cross (aka Holy Cross) in Worcester, MA. As I am focusing on my Physical Life Stream, I am working out daily, including group sessions at my local YMCA. Grace Rett was featured in the news story for setting a World’s Record for Rowing (click to see story), by rowing 62 hours on a rowing machine!! My response was simply, wow!! I had just complained (internally) a few days before about the use of the rowing machine during a workout session. I would always look at that machine and say, what is the point, and NEVER used it!! So, wow, is all I could say!! It caused a shift in my thinking about the rowing machine.  

After seeing this story about Grace, a couple of days later while completing a segment of our work out on a rowing machine, I mentioned to someone in my group that I had just seen a story on the news about a young lady who spent over 63 hours on one of these things!! In my mind prior to seeing that story, I would internally whine about my 4 rounds of 60 seconds during my circuit workouts! However, Grace Rett gave me motivation to pull harder on that rowing machine and to not complain about those weekly short segments. I started thinking, it was all part of me getting to my physical goals that are ahead of me! Row! Row! Row! You’ve got this!!! If she could go for 62 hours, surely, I could go for a few seconds at a time.

Less than two weeks later, while working out at 5:30am at the YMCA, a news story flashes an image of a young lady, who looked familiar. As I struggled through my few minutes on an Elliptical Machine, I then noticed the school’s name below the image, and it said Holy Cross Rowing Team. It was Grace Rett. I asked my trainer, was the story about the young lady who broke the rowing record? Unfortunately, the response was yes, however this same young lady was featured in a very different story. Sadly, Grace Rett was killed in a car crash while in Florida for winter training with her college rowing teammates (click to see story). Six others from the van were seriously injured and hospitalized following the accident that carried eleven student athletes along with their coach. A second van carrying team members was not in the collision, however, they were witness to the accident.

For me to randomly see Grace’s story and find motivation, then to see the story of her untimely death brings tears to my eyes. Grace’s life has had impact. She impacted me!! Someone so far removed from her world yet motivated by her. Some may view this as a small thing or a coincidence, but for me, I see it as her name reflects, grace. God gave me grace to live long enough to get a few more things right in this life and to be impacted by this awesome 21-year-old student athlete. He used Grace Rett as a motivator for me as I am on my personal journey to PESSCE Wholeness. My physical wholeness! An aspect of my journey that I view as so hard at times. Using a rowing machine at moments seemed so unimportant in my physical focus of PESSCE wholeness. But now this World Record Holder for rowing has helped me view it so differently! For me, it’s much bigger than the act of rowing. In my world, this is a demonstration of a life of impact. Wow, this just really is amazing to me! If she motivated me is this way, I can only imagine the impact Grace’s life has had on her family, friends, teammates, and so many others!

Grace Rett will be remembered always by me and so many others. I pray that God gives me opportunity for my life to have impact in a way that will live on and be remembered even in death.

Thank you, Grace Rett!! You have impacted my life forever!! Rest in your now true peace (PESSCE)!

When effort is put forth to make positive change in life, there are some days that are just really tough. The PESSCE Wholeness model gives opportunity for assessment and planning to address challenges physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially, in your career and finances. IT IS HARD WORK!! But the work has to be done and it has to be done by YOU!! Today during a workout session with my trainer, after sharing some things I’m struggling with, she asked, “what else can I do to help you?” My response was simple, “nothing.” The work has to be done by ME.

The six PESSCE life-stream areas (physical, emotional, spiritual, social, career, economic) are all difficult independently but it is even more challenging when you begin to identify the overlap across the six. Don’t let it overwhelm you. At the end of each difficult day as you do the work, take a deep breath, and lay your head to rest, knowing that a new day, which will be a better day, is coming.

My writing partner and I have written “PESSCE Music” which is all about encouragement and motivation to help you work the PESSCE Wholeness model. One song that we wrote is called “Brand New Day.” Oh, how this song has encouraged me today. Let the lyrics encourage you today as well, if you find yourself trying and nothing is changing, or the challenge seems insurmountable. A part of song says, tomorrow will be a new day and I trust the day will bring to me, joy and peace; that’s all I need!! Tomorrow will be a better day!!

It doesn’t matter the struggle or area of challenge, lay your head to rest after your difficult day and trust that you find your way to your new day. Tomorrow will be a better day!!! Tomorrow you won’t eat those cookies and you will work out; you will not let your emotions cause you to say or do the wrong thing; You will pray and read the Word; you will limit yourself to only positive social interactions; you will be focused at work to get everything done; you will not be wasteful with your money!!

For me, today is my tomorrow, because yesterday I missed the mark, but today has been a better day!! Be encouraged!!


PESSCE Unlimited

God’s Plan; My Hustle!

One year ago, I walked away from a job that most people would consider “a very good job” making a lot of money at a pretty decent level in a company. I took a risk. Over the years, I have always done consulting and training but not full time in nearly 20 years. The risk was a good one because for me, I was being lead by God to do so. God gave me the concept of PESSCE(peace) to focus on physical, emotional, spiritual, social, career and economic wholeness for women. But when I established my business, PESSCE Unlimited, LLC, it was established with two work streams: Lifestyle Coaching for Women (the God given true work of PESSCE) and Transformational HR and Leadership Consulting (the work I am trained to do and had do to pay the bills). PESSCE has been my focus full time for 1 year and what a year it has been! PESSCE is what God has called me to do, so to leave my full time focus on PESSCE to accept a full-time position again would only happen if the right “dream job” presented. And thanks to Patricia Duarte of Decisions Insight, Inc., my dream job came to be!  Please indulge me as I share a glimpse into my journey and current state.

I have had many conversations with someone in my life who couldn’t understand my perspective on not settling for a “job” just because other “folks” think it’s a “good job.” Being with a big well known company making a lot of money and big perks for me does not equate to a good job. I needed more than that. I found myself drowning in a company and being devalued. I knew all that I brought to the table however based on my role in my last organization, only a small percentage of my true value-add was leveraged. I wanted to be in a higher educational institution where I could have impact and influence. I have had many good jobs over the course of my career, but I have also been told more times that I care to count, “we have decided to go with another candidate.” How much experience, education and just common sense do you need to have to finally be THE ONE? Well, I have been planning, praying, working and waiting for this ONE. UMassD is where I’m suppose to be! I am very excited about this next phase of my life.This is all part of the plan that God has for my life, Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” This has been the foundational scripture for my life!

Let me sum up my life journey to my own current place of PESSCE and the transition to my current “dream job” with a little story. A few months ago I was doing ANY and EVERYTHING that I had to do to support myself and the work of PESSCE Unlimited. Staying mostly in my swim lane delivering training programs around the country. However, beyond that, I was doing whatever work I could do. Yep, I was hustling as they say! One day a very close person in my life (who shall remain nameless) said to me in a very demeaning and condescending way, “You like hustling like this?!” My silent response is on the front of a T-shirt I love to wear now, “GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO HUSTLE!!” The insensitive thoughts and comments from this person were motivators to work even harder to achieve my goals and to finally get that person and their NEGATIVITY out of my life! Let me encourage someone today, keep hustling, GOD IS GOING TO BLESS YOUR EFFORT!” Don’t let anyone discourage you from pushing forward to get to that which you know is ordained for you!

I am very excited to be the new Senior Associate Vice Chancellor for Talent and Diversity at the University of MA Dartmouth. I want to send a big shout out of THANK YOU for the many expressions of love, support and congrats!! It is overwhelming in the most positive way. I have worked very hard to get my education and build my career, even in the face of extrinsic and even intrinsic challenges. In the words of my sister Pamela Dotson and so many others, “you may see my glory but you don’t know my story!” Indeed I am blessed.

Finally, to answer the question I have had over and over in the last 2 weeks, what about PESSCE? Well to my ladies, I am still working PESSCE!! Now I can truly focus on the Lifestyle Coaching, Music, and Events for Women and not all the HR and Leadership Consulting I have been doing. UMASS Dartmouth will get all of that goodness! So be on the lookout for some exciting things coming from PESSCE Unlimited that will help to transform your life. We want to help you find your PESSCE!!

Angela M. Callahan, MS

My new motivation – She is my new Inspiration!


I met a young lady who I now call my new inspiration. She is a young lady in her earlier 20s who came to the United States from Uganda less than a year ago. She came to the States alone, met with the appropriate organizations to help secure housing and to find employment. In addition to the job acquired through a Job Placement Organization, she also found a second job on her own. So, she works two jobs and gets around town leveraging the local Ride Share services.


Weekly, she sends most of her earnings back home to support her younger brother and sister through school. She gets minimal sleep so that she can maximize her time for working her two jobs. She goes grocery shopping, does laundry, etc., between jobs. She doesn’t have relatives or family friends in the area, only the few folks she has met through her jobs. Minimal income from maximum effort with all her focus on helping others; all without complaint and with a smile bright as the sun! Wow!!


When she shared her story with me, I told her, “Do you know you are awesome! You are a rock star!!” And I went on and on about how great she is. She humbly said, “No, I don’t think so.” She said she can’t see that about herself. She felt that she should be doing even more than she is doing currently. This young lady surely encouraged my soul this week!! I have no complaints, even on my toughest day, I won’t complain!! It’s time to inspire!

Angela Callahan

PESSCE Unlimited, LLC