When effort is put forth to make positive change in life, there are some days that are just really tough. The PESSCE Wholeness model gives opportunity for assessment and planning to address challenges physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially, in your career and finances. IT IS HARD WORK!! But the work has to be done and it has to be done by YOU!! Today during a workout session with my trainer, after sharing some things I’m struggling with, she asked, “what else can I do to help you?” My response was simple, “nothing.” The work has to be done by ME.

The six PESSCE life-stream areas (physical, emotional, spiritual, social, career, economic) are all difficult independently but it is even more challenging when you begin to identify the overlap across the six. Don’t let it overwhelm you. At the end of each difficult day as you do the work, take a deep breath, and lay your head to rest, knowing that a new day, which will be a better day, is coming.

My writing partner and I have written “PESSCE Music” which is all about encouragement and motivation to help you work the PESSCE Wholeness model. One song that we wrote is called “Brand New Day.” Oh, how this song has encouraged me today. Let the lyrics encourage you today as well, if you find yourself trying and nothing is changing, or the challenge seems insurmountable. A part of song says, tomorrow will be a new day and I trust the day will bring to me, joy and peace; that’s all I need!! Tomorrow will be a better day!!

It doesn’t matter the struggle or area of challenge, lay your head to rest after your difficult day and trust that you find your way to your new day. Tomorrow will be a better day!!! Tomorrow you won’t eat those cookies and you will work out; you will not let your emotions cause you to say or do the wrong thing; You will pray and read the Word; you will limit yourself to only positive social interactions; you will be focused at work to get everything done; you will not be wasteful with your money!!

For me, today is my tomorrow, because yesterday I missed the mark, but today has been a better day!! Be encouraged!!


PESSCE Unlimited

What is PESSCE Wholeness?


This week we will spend time explaining the work of PESSCE Unlimited and key components of the PESSCE Wholeness Model. The foundational approach for the work of PESSCE Unlimited, LLC, is the PESSCE Wholeness Model for Women which focuses on Life-Style and Leadership Wholeness. You can find more details at www.pessce.com and additional resources will be coming soon to help you achieve PESSCE Wholeness in your own life.

PESSCE Unlimited defines wholeness as:

The feeling and demonstration of completeness while walking in your own personal and professional freedom and truth.

Wholeness is not being perfect, however it is being complete. In order for you to achieve wholeness, you will first need to assess your current state. It’s time! It is now time for you to start being honest about yourself with yourself. When you can finally self-assess, reset and create a plan, make self-controlled life choices and improve professional performance, you will then be able to walk in your PESSCE Wholeness. You will know that you are walking in your own personal power from a place of freedom and truth because it will be from the work you put in to get there. We can provide you with coaching, consultation and resources. We can’t give you PESSCE Wholeness; you will have to do the work to get there yourself individually.

What is your truth? When you assess the depth of your personal life struggles and workplace challenges, you will likely discover that you are the root cause of most of what you deal with. Now, please don’t misinterpret what is being said here. How people treat you is important and they should be held accountable for any of their bad behaviors that negatively impact you or others. However, what I present to you is the thought that maybe, just maybe, if you are honest with yourself about yourself, you will express the truth of your own short-comings and personal baggage. You will begin to seek out the needed opportunities to make the necessary changes in your life personally and professionally once you take the first step of current state assessment.

As you get to know PESSCE Unlimited and the services offered, you will see the following six Life-Streams and six Leadership Competencies often referenced:

6 Life-Streams of Life-Style Wholeness:

Physical * Emotional * Spiritual * Social * Career * Economic

6 Competencies for Leadership Wholeness:

Precision * Engagement * Speed* Self-Assurance * Calmness * Excellence

We will share information to support your journey to PESSCE Wholeness through resources available at our online PESSCE Store (coming soon), Blog Posts, PESSCE Music, Consulting, Coaching and Events. Begin your journey today by understanding the basic components of the PESSCE Wholeness Model in our series of Overview Blogs this week. Then get in contact with us to establish your personal coaching or consultation plan!!

Your action for today: We want to hear your thoughts as we are behind the scenes swiftly crafting the PESSCE Wholeness services, tools and resources. Do you have PESSCE Wholeness across the 6 life-streams and 6 competencies? Or do you need a little help to get there? Let us hear your thoughts. Please like this Blog and add your comments below to begin the discussion.