It was a pleasure joining a recent podcast on leadership! Take a listen as Dr. John Dicicco author of “Leadership is a Choice” and Jordan Rich, host of The Jordan Rich Show on WBZ-AM 1030 in Boston, Massachusetts discuss leadership with me, Angela M. Callahan. This 5th episode of the Choice to Lead Podcast topics include how to be a successful “change agent” in an organization that is in need of change, why respect is one of the  top keys to leadership and wise advice for college students and millennials as they make their way in today’s world. Click the link below to hear the Podcast. Be sure to open the Show Notes and leave your comments!!

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I’d like for somebody to say that day that Martin Luther King, Jr., tried to love somebody. Yes, if you want to say that I was a drum major, say that I was a drum major for justice. (Amen) Say that I was a drum major for peace. (Yes) I was a drum major for righteousness.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

(excerpt from “The Drum Major Instinct”, February 4, 1968)


PESSCE Leadership

I am very proud of the young men and women that my son, nieces, and nephews are maturing to be. They each have such amazing talent, intellect, drive and overall focus on achieving their personal goals. They are all shining stars in my eyes!

My nephew Daniel is no exception. With his quiet presence and leadership soul, he is going to soar! In a recent social media post, my sister uploaded a video of Daniel leading his high school band as Drum Major. This type of posting from my sister has been a regular occurrence over the past few months as Daniel, a senior in high school, continues to mature in his passion for band performance, music composition and arranging. He is currently the Head Drum Major with his high school band with a solid focus on attending Tennessee State University in Nashville with a goal of being part of their band, Aristocrat of Bands! I am very proud of this young man!

In this most recent video post from his mother, I noticed something that stood out to me. As Daniel was leading the band and they marched forward amongst a crowd of attendees, I noticed that the back of his shirt said, “Drum Major Dan.” Those words for some reason jumped off the screen at a time when I was pondering my next blog post to describe “PESSCE Leadership,” one aspect of the PESSCE Wholeness Model for Women. I played the video clip again and I watched how Daniel led his team. He started out front, he turned to observe the team and to make engaging eye contact with the members, he with appropriate speed, swiftly moved down the side of the team to observe everything happening in the ranks. He gives a thumbs up and provides his commanding whistle blows before returning to the front line. He demonstrated such calmness yet a confident posture and demeanor as he then moves the band onward. He marched forward with precision, self-assurance and a solid demonstration of the Band Director’s set expectation of excellence!!

I said, wow, Daniel demonstrated what we are terming PESSCE Leadership! Oh by the way, I say, “wow,” a lot. I am always amazed how God brings things together in my thought process and provides clear examples to support what he gives me. So here are the leadership competencies that we focus on as part of the PESSCE Wholeness Model:





Calmness (a reflection of true Peace)


There are hundreds of other qualities of a good leader, however, the work of PESSCE Unlimited is very focused on these six as part of the Wholeness Model. Your goal should be as a leader in the workplace, demonstration of PESSCE Wholeness. There are many other leadership competencies that are also important for success in your leadership role, many of which will be reviewed as sub topics under these six PESSCE Leader competencies. In your role as the drum major and not band member, you want to lead from a place of PESSCE. When you don’t lead from this place of PESSCE, you are simply a band member with a few good sounds that you may play rather nicely. Influence and impact resides in PESSCE Leadership.

There is nothing wrong with being a band member, however, if you are a leader, then lead in PESSCE Wholeness. Be impactful in your role. When you align your personal PESSCE Lifestyle with your professional PESSCE Leadership, you will demonstrate PESSCE Wholeness that reflects true peace! And we all know where that true peace comes from, right? Standing in PESSCE and walking in true PEACE, oh yes, that is GIRL POWER at its max!!

So, lead on Drum Major Dan! We see you working! You have provided some motivation to me and others today!  


Later this week, we will preview PESSCE “Lifestyle” Wholeness, the second component of the PESSCE Wholeness Model for Women. But let’s hear from you now about PESSCE “Leadership” Wholeness. Be sure to post your thoughts in the comments section about this first half of the Wholeness model, PESSCE Leadership Wholeness.

What is PESSCE Wholeness?


This week we will spend time explaining the work of PESSCE Unlimited and key components of the PESSCE Wholeness Model. The foundational approach for the work of PESSCE Unlimited, LLC, is the PESSCE Wholeness Model for Women which focuses on Life-Style and Leadership Wholeness. You can find more details at and additional resources will be coming soon to help you achieve PESSCE Wholeness in your own life.

PESSCE Unlimited defines wholeness as:

The feeling and demonstration of completeness while walking in your own personal and professional freedom and truth.

Wholeness is not being perfect, however it is being complete. In order for you to achieve wholeness, you will first need to assess your current state. It’s time! It is now time for you to start being honest about yourself with yourself. When you can finally self-assess, reset and create a plan, make self-controlled life choices and improve professional performance, you will then be able to walk in your PESSCE Wholeness. You will know that you are walking in your own personal power from a place of freedom and truth because it will be from the work you put in to get there. We can provide you with coaching, consultation and resources. We can’t give you PESSCE Wholeness; you will have to do the work to get there yourself individually.

What is your truth? When you assess the depth of your personal life struggles and workplace challenges, you will likely discover that you are the root cause of most of what you deal with. Now, please don’t misinterpret what is being said here. How people treat you is important and they should be held accountable for any of their bad behaviors that negatively impact you or others. However, what I present to you is the thought that maybe, just maybe, if you are honest with yourself about yourself, you will express the truth of your own short-comings and personal baggage. You will begin to seek out the needed opportunities to make the necessary changes in your life personally and professionally once you take the first step of current state assessment.

As you get to know PESSCE Unlimited and the services offered, you will see the following six Life-Streams and six Leadership Competencies often referenced:

6 Life-Streams of Life-Style Wholeness:

Physical * Emotional * Spiritual * Social * Career * Economic

6 Competencies for Leadership Wholeness:

Precision * Engagement * Speed* Self-Assurance * Calmness * Excellence

We will share information to support your journey to PESSCE Wholeness through resources available at our online PESSCE Store (coming soon), Blog Posts, PESSCE Music, Consulting, Coaching and Events. Begin your journey today by understanding the basic components of the PESSCE Wholeness Model in our series of Overview Blogs this week. Then get in contact with us to establish your personal coaching or consultation plan!!

Your action for today: We want to hear your thoughts as we are behind the scenes swiftly crafting the PESSCE Wholeness services, tools and resources. Do you have PESSCE Wholeness across the 6 life-streams and 6 competencies? Or do you need a little help to get there? Let us hear your thoughts. Please like this Blog and add your comments below to begin the discussion.

Its time! Time to make a change. Time to make difference choices. Given the outcomes of many of your past and even current choices, making a different choice may not be such a bad idea. It can be really challenging as a Christian to accept, address and adjust behavioral choices that result in outcomes that are not reflective of who you present yourself to be. Those such actions have to change in order for there to be positive impact on those assigned to you; your spouse, children, friends, family, coworkers and even strangers should know Christ through you.

Everyone has something they deal with or struggle with each day, even as a Christian. So no one is alone in the struggle and the need for change. For some, the correction of behavior may come easy and for others it’s a daily struggle to make a different choice. Be strong, trust God and know that He loves you, will strengthen you, forgives you and is waiting on you. Seek Him for the needed strength to do things differently and to be the positive influence in the lives of others that he needs you to be.

Source: My Original PESSCE Website