About Us

Angela M. Callahan Leadership Coach, Diversity Practitioner, Corporate Trainer, and Organizational Consultant with 20 years of experience


PESSCE™ Unlimited is the heart song of Angela M. Callahan. This is a life-coaching and consultancy for God’s glory and for the support of Women achieving wholeness across the six PESSCE Life-Streams™ personally and the six Leadership Competencies professionally. This consulting practice and coaching/ministry for women is birthed out of Callahan’s personal and professional struggles and successes over the course of her own journey to PESSCE™Wholeness.

As Callahan has continued to work through her own daily lifestyle choices and leadership dynamics, she is thankful for each opportunity God has given to encourage others personally and professionally. Such opportunities through music ministry, consulting and coaching has helped to shape the foundation of PESSCE Unlimited.

PESSCE™ Unlimited provides a structured approach to most effectively leverage Callahan’s knowledge, skills and capabilities gained through her Christian faith, formal and informal education, music ministry, personal and professional experiences and her personal life mission. Each aspect now combine to assist other women with finding their path to PESSCE™ Lifestyle Wholeness.


“My personal mission is for my tongue to be the pen of a ready writer (Psalm 45:1). I want what I say, sing, and how I live my life to be reflective of what the Sustainer of Life writes on my heart. I want to live my life based on my passion for pouring into the lives of others through music, life coaching and other core capabilities that God has given me. My heart’s desire is to influence and impact people through motivation and encouragement that promotes positive change and peace in their lives- PESSCE™ is my heart song.” ~ Angela Callahan