My new motivation – She is my new Inspiration!


I met a young lady who I now call my new inspiration. She is a young lady in her earlier 20s who came to the United States from Uganda less than a year ago. She came to the States alone, met with the appropriate organizations to help secure housing and to find employment. In addition to the job acquired through a Job Placement Organization, she also found a second job on her own. So, she works two jobs and gets around town leveraging the local Ride Share services.


Weekly, she sends most of her earnings back home to support her younger brother and sister through school. She gets minimal sleep so that she can maximize her time for working her two jobs. She goes grocery shopping, does laundry, etc., between jobs. She doesn’t have relatives or family friends in the area, only the few folks she has met through her jobs. Minimal income from maximum effort with all her focus on helping others; all without complaint and with a smile bright as the sun! Wow!!


When she shared her story with me, I told her, “Do you know you are awesome! You are a rock star!!” And I went on and on about how great she is. She humbly said, “No, I don’t think so.” She said she can’t see that about herself. She felt that she should be doing even more than she is doing currently. This young lady surely encouraged my soul this week!! I have no complaints, even on my toughest day, I won’t complain!! It’s time to inspire!

Angela Callahan

PESSCE Unlimited, LLC