Hear the Voice of My Heart



Thank you for helping me have a voice.” These simple words make the foundational concepts of the PESSCE Wholeness Model for Women worth it. I recently spent time supporting a client through a challenging situation with the family of her spouse. For a significant number of years, she has supported her spouse through personal battles with substance abuse and other challenges. She had reached her end point and was ready to give up. She could not keep carrying this burden alone and wanted to engage friends and the in-laws in planning an intervention.

For years, she has had little to no positive interaction with her in-laws in getting her spouse the needed support to gain sobriety and freedom. She has basically been none existent to the family and received much of the backlash for the current state of their loved one. There had never been any acknowledgement of her in any way except negativity.

The PESSCE Lifestyle Coaching sessions started with an opportunity for her to get all of her frustration out to ensure a solid focus on healing and solution setting. This Deep Dive customized coaching approach has allowed the healing and future-state planning to take place. There is a long road ahead for this family, but the vital part of this intervention is giving a woman a voice that comes out of a heart of strength and love. Hearing her heart, validating her strengths, and supporting her desire for healing has given her a voice.

Finding your voice in your own personal situation is a key to your wholeness. PESSCE Unlimited’s Lifestyle Coaching approach helps individuals to find their voice. We listen to your heart and confirm your self-controlled lifestyle decisions! We help you find your way to PESSCE Wholeness!

Angela M. Callahan, PESSCE Unlimited


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