Earlier this month we shared with you the overview of PESSCE (peace) Unlimited, LLC, and the concept of The PESSCE Wholeness Model™ which includes Lifestyle and Leadership wholeness for women. In addition, we reviewed the specific details of one aspect of the model, PESSCE Leadership Wholeness. Today, we will review PESSCE Lifestyle Wholeness.

As mentioned in a previous post, PESSCE is an acronym pronounced “peace.” The first letter of the six areas of focus for life-style and leadership wholeness is what makes up the word PESSCE. The six areas of focus for lifestyle wholeness are referenced as Life-Streams. Life-Streams are the 6 areas of life that are most common to all individuals. The PESSCE Lifestyle includes:



Spiritual (true Peace)



Economic (personal finance)

Demonstration of wholeness by exercising self-control choices in these six Life-Streams will result in greater PESSCE in one’s life. Peace is something most people often seek in their lives, but may not fully achieve because of a lack of PESSCE across the life-streams. The PESSCE™ approach encourages women who lack wholeness across the six areas, to seek their inner spiritual strength in order to make self-controlled life choices that should result in positive lifestyle changes.

When there is strain in any one of the six Life-Streams there will be a pull on the other areas as well. For example, you may often find yourself stressed for some reason economically (your finances) yet you feel the impact in your physical body. As a result of financial challenges, you may gain or lose weight; have headaches and migraines; display increased heart rate and elevated blood pressure; or there could be a number of other health related symptoms that you display. Because of this type of strain and impact that may occur across the Life-Streams, your overall life may reflect a lack of wholeness.

PESSCE Unlimited has designed the PESSCE Lifestyle Wholeness Model™ to offer a path to achieve lifestyle wholeness. The four-step process along with additional tools and resources will provide you with an easy to follow method to launch and complete your own personal journey to wholeness.

Your journey starts with you and can only be completed by you. It’s time for you to self-assess and put together your plan to achieve wholeness in your lifestyle. PESSCE Unlimited is here to help. Keep following us! All the tools you will need will be available soon.


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