Real Happiness


​You just want your happiness to be real. Right? The reality is that it may often be short lived or none existent if you are seeking that happiness from external sources, i.e., people, places, things. It is most likely those placeholders you have put in place for your happiness will disappoint you. People fall short, places become less exciting, and things lose value. I had a young lady recently share with me the disappointment of her misguided happiness. She is 30 years old and disappointed with her marriage. She and her husband have known each other since they were children. They were high school sweethearts, prom king and queen, married by 21 and hopeful they would be having children soon. She stated, “he was all I knew, he was my happiness!” My only thought was, wow!! He was your happiness? Of course, the second half of the story wasn’t so much the fairytale.
She went on to say how sad and disappointed she currently is with the way things have been lately. Unfortunately, the happiness she once placed in her husband is now none existent due to his poor life choices and just bad behavior. All her happiness was placed with this person and he of course disappointed. Her story is one that reminded me of the importance of a true relationship with the Lord.
The photo included in this post is of my niece, I affectionately call, “the lil baby.” Whenever I need a reminder of the simplicity of happiness that comes from God, I look at this picture of the lil baby, and I just smile. Sometimes, I even want to run out in my back yard, roll in the grass and throw my legs in the air just like her! The happiness on her face is priceless. God can give this to you too, even if you are not a 2-year-old toddler but a 30-year-old unhappy wife. Find your happiness internal, between you and your God. The real God. Not the substitutes you put in place. People, places and things will fail to fulfill. Now my God; yes, you can trust that He will not fall short. The happiness you seek external, seek internal, and know that God will fulfill the desires of your heart and give you more happiness than you could ever imagine from any external source. 

Source: My Original PESSCE Website

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